Sourcing at Ollie's

May 28, 2022

Watch YouTube video here:

Doing retail arbitrage will lead you to many stores and one fan favorite is Ollie's (if you can find one) because of the deep discounts there.  I actually just did a recent YouTube video demonstrating the whole process of how to evaluate items for potential profits.  Make sure to watch the video but also pay attention to the following tips for maximum success:

  • Scan everything!  Use your seller app and just start scanning because you never know what you're gonna find.
  • Join Ollie's Army to get store discount coupons (usually once a month) for savings between 10% - 15%.  You'll get a postcard in the mail and also an email that you can show at the register.
  • Seriously consider getting a tax ID/reseller's permit from you state to avoid any sales tax.  This is HUGE!  Once you obtain it (usually online), all you need to do is show it at the register at checkout.

Some of the best categories for replenishables (inventory you can sell over and over) are Grocery & Gourmet and Health & Beauty.  If you're a new seller, most likely you will not be able to sell in these categories because of Amazon's gating policies but fear not.  We have resources below to help you get ungated so check those out if you want to get on the fast track.  HAPPY SOURCING!


Sell activewear like Nike, Adidas and Under Armour and more.  Click Here

Sell toys from Marvel, Disney, Lego, Pokemon and more,  Click Here

Sell in categories such as Grocery & Gourmet, Health & Household, Over The Counter (OTC) and more.  Click here

Check out the YouTube channel to become and expert and start making money!:

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