Getting your FBA shipment to one fulfillment center

Jun 10, 2022

You know how Amazon wants you to split your shipment to different warehouses across the entire USA? Well what if you could get everything going to one fulfillment center which would make shipping much easier and save you a ton of money? In this episode I show you exactly how to do it! You may need to watch the video to follow along so you can check it out here:

I use a software called inventory Lab to list my inventory because it gives you many more options than just using Seller Central.  Make sure you use the "live" option when you list.  With live you get to see the proposed split immediately.  What's important is that you play around with the number of items that you are shipping in until you get a proposed shipment for a nearby warehouse with a number of units that is close to what you are sending in so that when you correct the number of items that are actually going in, you will be within the right range so as to not get an error message.  Delete the units out of the warehouses that you will not be shipping to and that's at.  Again, you will want to check out the video to look over my shoulder and see me perform this at the computer.

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