What if you could generate income for yourself and your family whenever you wanted from the comfort of your home in about 1 hour a day?

Discover the simple and easy system that takes you from no idea to literally putting money in your pocket on demand.


I had a career making a decent living but I wanted more.

After high school, I served 10 years active duty in the Army that included deployment to Iraq during the Pershian Gulf war.  It was enjoyable for me and I wouldn't change it for anything but as an enlisted soldier raising a family I could never earn enough money as I wanted so I got out and started driving tractor-trailer.  It has been rewarding to me. I continue to drive today and it is a career that I plan to see through to retirement but my drive and ambition has always had me searching for ways to make more money on my own.  Being an online retailer since 2004, it was only natural that I would eventually partner with Amazon.  This has been great but the best thing I ever did was make the decision that I was going to show others how to do the exact same thing that I'm doing so that anyone who wants to take advantage could have the opportunity.  Even people like me who may already have a career and just want more.

The ease of making money with a side hustle may surprise you

Once you unlock the secrets, it truly is quick and easy to make money on the side practically on demand whenever you want to.  This easy to follow course will show you exactly how to do it.  In this video series you will gain access to the knowledge and skills necessary to jump right into the online marketplace, which is here to stay.  The material you will have complete access to is not available anywhere else.

It really isn't hard at all...

I've been using the methods that you are going to learn since 2017 and I've been doing 6 figures since 2019.  Now here's the point....I do it part-time while working as a full-time truck driver, so when I tell you that you can do it, I MEAN IT!!!  What is it?  Selling on Amazon and I can promise you, there is no better time for you to get started.  It's fun, exciting and it will change your life.  I've enjoyed exotic cars, trips around the world and a debt-free life and YOU can do the exact same thing WITHOUT giving up your current career with all of it's security, benefits and retirement.  There's no reason for you to risk that if you don't want to but I can tell you, I've been able to take extended leaves of absence from my job and it feels good to have that flexibility.  This can be  your reality when you take action with the exclusive material contained no where else but in this course.

Featured speaker at the 2022 eComSellers Summit

Hi I'm Horace Lyons, AKA 'La Machine' - Online entrepreneur, coach, YouTube content creator and truck driver 

Featured speaker at the 2022 eComSellers Summit

Introducing: The Arbitrage Encyclopedia

Be Your Own Boss

This is your own legit business so you don't answer to anyone.

Make Money When You Want

You can apply the skills you learn to practically print money on demand.

Work From Home

Everything you learn can be done right from the privacy and comfort of your own home.

Here's what this product will help you with: 

  • You will know where to source an endless supply of inventory right in your own neigborhood.
  • You will learn the secret to tell if a product is popular enough to be worth your time.
  • You will develop the skills to know if there is a profit to be made and how much.
  • You will know how to estimate how many units of an item are selling on a monthly basis so you know how many to stock. 
  • You will be able to spy on your competition to see what they are selling and cherry pick their best products

Take a sneak peek inside the program right now!

See for yourself what the video course is like and I'm sure you'll agree that's it's down to earth, easy to digest, clear and exciting.  Exactly what you need so that you have the confidence to take action!




Top Features

  • The Arbitrage Encyclopedia Course (28 Video Lessons)

Don’t forget: it’s completely risk free

I’ve packed a lot into The Arbitrage Encyclopedia because not only do I want you to create the income and the lifestyle that you deserve but I want to guarantee that you don’t fail.

And to make it a no-brainer deal for you I’m giving you a 60 day 100% money-back guarantee with your purchase of The Arbitrage Encyclopedia today.

That’s right: Go through the course, follow the steps, put in the work, and if you don’t love it in the first 60 days of your purchase, send me an email and I’ll refund you immediately. No questions asked, no hard feelings.

If The Arbitrage Encyclopedia doesn’t work for you, I’d much prefer for you to take your money and invest it where you will be happier and get results. I just want you to unlock your income earning potential!

There are 2 types of people...

Some people dread what they do for a living (and don’t get paid nearly enough to do it).

Others take action, create value in the marketplace, and build businesses that serve others and increase their income every year.

Which is more appealing to you?

Right now many of us  feel trapped and stuck where we are.

We don’t have the time or flexibility to do the things we want and be with the people we care about.

We worry about our health, being at a desk job for years, and I doing meaningless work for another 5-10 years.

What if we lose our job, end up broke, and having to start all over again in our 30s, 40s, or 50s?

It doesn’t have to be this way!

If you build an online business, an Amazon arbitrage business, you can start doing work that YOU care about on YOUR terms and on YOUR schedule.

Imagine a year from today...

Imagine a year from today when you have your Amazon business up and running selling products and putting money into your bank account while you spend the day at your regular job, having coffee with a friend, picking your kids up from school, or just taking a nap!

Imagine watching your monthly income increase from $2k, to $5k to even $10k a month - Whenever you want without having to without having to answer to anyone else!

That’s the power of building an Amazon arbitrage business and that’s what I teach inside of The Arbitrage Encyclopedia!

You can do this - I’m proof that it’s possible and I’m here to coach you every step of the way!

Join The Arbitrage Encyclopedia let's change your life.

Your Virtual Business Coach,

Horace Lyons